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NEW – CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Unbalanced Death Jigsaw Puzzle



You read a very short story, put the puzzle together, look for clues using the black light ( comes included ), find the evidence and solve the crime!

Excellent  Condition – see photos as they are part of the description


Created by : Crafters Corner LV


NEW – CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Unbalanced Death Jigsaw Puzzle, 750 Pieces! Puzzle is NEW AND FACTORY SEALED!

The Story: (12 – page booklet included) You are the sleuth who must solve this mystery by NY Times best selling author Max Allan Collins. Start by reading the short story to uncover the clues.

The Tools: (UV light included in the box) A Crime Scene Investigator needs to be sharp to pick out the clues. Use the UV light provided as you review the crime scene. It will reveal important evidence invisible to the naked eye.

The Puzzle: (18 15/16″ X 26 3/4″) Next, assemble the 750 piece mystery jigsaw puzzle to reveal the scene of the crime! Use your sleuthing tool (UV light included) and CSI skills to discover the clues in the puzzle. Combine the clues obtained from the story and puzzle to uncover whodunit and most importantly how they did it! Caution: the puzzle image is different from the cover of the box.

The Evidence: (on the flip side of the story booklet) Now, go to the lab results and other evidence that have been assembled from the crime scene. See if the evidence supports your theory.

The Solution: Finally, when you’re certain you’ve solved the case, read the solution printed in ultraviolet ink. Just shine your UV light to see if you’re right!

The Case: Business is really bad for the owner Bradley Wickets. When business owner Stewart Bradley is found dead, slumped over his desk, your CSI team is called in to solve the crime. The clue are all there, but some are easier to find then others! Help Grissom answer the question: Did Stewart Bradley take his own life or did someone do it for him?